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Teeth in a Day

Dr. Lindsay Eastman is a periodontist who works with Teeth-in-a-Day in Bradenton, FL. Teeth-in-a-Day are different from normal dental implants because there is no waiting period in which the implants need to heal. Teeth-in-a-Day are fitted so precisely into your jaw that they are immediately stabilized and fully functional. With regular dental implants, multiple office visits are required, but teeth-in-a-Day give you a brand new set of teeth in just one short visit.

Traditional dental implants require a three to six month waiting period before they become functional. During this time, the titanium posts in your jaw begin to fuse with the bone and form a structure similar to the tooth root. During this waiting period, patients might be forced to wear an uncomfortable bridge or partial dentures. With teeth-in-a-Day, there is no waiting period. You can walk in and out of the office with a new set of implants in a single visit. Missing teeth can be replaced immediately. The procedure only takes an hour to complete before you have a brand new smile.

Dental implants are a great improvement over dentures. They stay in place to provide full functionality and a natural appearance. With Teeth-in-a-Day, the change is immediate. Patients can have their dentures replaced with dental implants in one single appointment. Using advanced computer technology, a three dimensional scan of your jaw is created and used to determine the exact placement of your dental implants. Then, the implants are fitted so precisely into the bone, that there is no need for them to fuse in place.

Not everyone is a candidate for Teeth-in-a-Day. You must possess a sufficient amount of bone mass in the area to receive dental implants. We will also discuss with you your condition and available treatment options as well as the risks associated with the treatment. If you would like more information about Teeth-in-a-Day, contact Dr. Eastman to schedule a consultation today.


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