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Interesting facts about missing teeth

69%of adults between 35 and 44 years of age

have lost one or more teeth

96%of adults think an attractive smile

makes a person of the opposite sex more appealing

20+million people in the United States

have lost all their teeth

Dr. Lindsay Eastman and Dr. Christie are experienced dental implant specialists. They offer implant supported dentures, same-day teeth and dental implants in Bradenton, FL. Our periodontists use the NobelGuide SimPlant system to perform computer guided implant surgery with better results.

If you are missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance or find it difficult to eat and speak properly. Restoring those teeth with a permanent tooth replacement solution can help. Implants and implant dentures can also prevent jaw bone loss that occurs when a tooth goes missing.

How Implant Supported Dentures Work

Implant dentures are another option for patients missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. We attach a set of dentures on top of implants to prevent slipping or the looseness associated with traditional dentures. Since the dentures are attached to the dental implant that is fused to the jaw bone, they provide more stability and less discomfort than traditional dentures.


You won’t ever have to go without your teeth with the Teeth-in-a-Day™ procedure. Dental implants and replacement teeth are placed in one appointment, so you leave our office with your natural-looking and functional new smile.

Dr. Eastman incorporates the latest techniques in reconstructive periodontics, tissue engineering, dental implants placement and was among the first group of dentists in the U.S. trained in computer guided implant surgery.

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