Tooth loss is a common oral problem affecting millions of individuals worldwide. The absence of teeth carries multiple consequences for the individual, from difficulty eating and speaking properly to diminished self-esteem and confidence. In answer to effective, life-like tooth replacement needs, dental implants have risen to the forefront as the solution preferred by both dentists and patients. Whether you are missing a single tooth or a whole arch of teeth, Dr. Lindsay Eastman and Dr. Christie can design a customized tooth replacement solution right for you.

Enjoy the Benefits of Dental Implants

Replace your teeth with dental implants and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Replace root and crown portions of a tooth
  • Help preserve bone volume and health
  • Maintain positioning of neighboring teeth
  • Experience an improved quality of life
  • Never worry about shifting or movement
  • Replace missing teeth permanently

Live a Better Life with the Help of Dental Implants

Have you been searching for an effective, natural way to replace your missing teeth? Turn to our periodontists today to explore tooth replacement with dental implants. Unlike traditional methods of replacing missing teeth, implants are designed to closely replicate the relationship between the root and crown portions of a tooth, giving you the most natural and functional replacement available. Because of this, dental implants are the ultimate way to improve your life after devastating tooth loss occurs.

Implants are preferred over other tooth replacement options because of the ways in which they improve your quality of life. When you choose implants to restore your smile, expect to live a better quality of life by eating your favorite foods without worry, speaking and smiling with confidence once again, enhancing your appearance and improving your self-esteem, and remaining confident in knowing that your implants are designed to last. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest with dental implant solutions from our periodontists.

As leading periodontists and implant dentists, Dr. Lindsay Eastman and Dr. Christie are proud to serve your tooth replacement needs. To learn if you are a candidate to receive dental implants, contact our Bradenton, FL office today to reserve your personal consultation.

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