Gum disease is a progressive condition that can lead to tooth loss. If you are not taking good care of your teeth and gums, you may develop an infection in the mouth which destroys the gums and causes a host of oral health and general health problems. Dr. Lindsay Eastman and Dr. Christie offer periodontal disease treatment at their practice to restore the health of your gums.

Systemic Effects of Periodontal Disease

Many people do not realize that gum disease may be linked to a number of overall health problems. Some research shows a link between gum disease and:

  • Memory loss
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Preterm delivery
  • Low birth-weight babies

Common Gum Disease Symptoms

Many patients do not realize they have gum disease until the problem has progressed to periodontitis or advanced stages. It is easy to overlook bleeding gums or inflamed gums but these symptoms should not be ignored! Periodontal disease symptoms include:

  • Chronic bad breath
  • Swollen or red gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Gum recession

Stages of Gum Disease

Gum disease can be identified by three key stages: gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease and can be reversed with timely treatment. Symptoms include puffy gums and bad breath. Periodontitis is when pockets start to form around the teeth and plaque and bacteria get trapped in the pockets which in turn start to destroy the supporting structures of the teeth. If left untreated, the condition progresses to advanced periodontitis where the bacteria destroy connective tissue and the teeth can fall out.

Our periodontists incorporate the latest techniques in reconstructive periodontics, tissue engineering, dental implants placement and was among the first group of dentists in the U.S. trained in computer guided implant surgery.

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