When you need the services of an experienced periodontist in Lakewood Ranch, FL, you can count on Dr. Lindsay Eastman, Dr. Christie, and our staff for a variety of advanced procedures and customized treatment options. We are here to address your oral health concerns with laser dentistry and other targeted treatments. Turn to us for everything from dental implants to gum disease treatment.

We are among the few dental offices in the State of Florida with Registered Nurses on staff. Our RNs are here to administer sedation and local anesthetic, review a patient’s health history, provide assistance during surgery, and also take care of patients in the post-op stages. For outpatient procedures that may be more complex in nature, or those requiring IV or general anesthesia, we give patients the option to receive treatment at the Manatee Surgical Center.

The Latest in Dental Technology

Dr. Lindsay Eastman and Dr. Christie use the latest tools and technologies in the industry to perform a wide range of advanced procedures, including treatment that incorporates laser dentistry techniques. Our team has been serving patients for more than 35 years with a high standard of care. Patients come to us for:

Our Unique Approach

Dr. Eastman and his team takes the time to get to know all of our patients, and ensures they receive a treatment plan that addresses their oral health issues and periodontal concerns. He performs a wide range of advanced procedures, including gum disease treatment, implant dentistry, and grafting procedures.

During a soft tissue graft, our doctors never take tissue from the roof of the mouth, but instead uses the pedicle graft technique or performs a gum graft with donor material. This minimizes pain and patient discomfort in general, and reduces overall healing time compared with other grafting procedures.

Dr. Eastman incorporates the latest techniques in reconstructive periodontics, tissue engineering, dental implants placement and was among the first group of dentists in the U.S. trained in computer guided implant surgery.

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