A Closer Look at Implant Supported Dentures

One of the most common conditions to accompany tooth loss proves to be bone deterioration. Without teeth to support or provide a barrier from periodontal bacteria, the bone in the jaw eventually deteriorates, losing its density and slowly starts to wear away. This progression can drastically alter your facial appearance, but it may also affect your ability to acquire dental implants.

You may desire to join the countless patients who’ve received dental implants in Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch, FL, but may be unsure as to whether you fit the ideal candidacy to qualify for the placement procedure. In order for dental implants to be placed within the jaw, there needs to be sufficient jaw bone structure, in which to affix the implant. If your bone has deteriorated past the point of supporting an implant, your treatment options may be limited.

Are Dentures Your Only Option?

Your first assumption may be that you have no other alternative but to use dentures. Unfortunately, the presence of a collapsed jaw bone can also create difficulties with utilizing traditional dentures.  Without an underlying supportive bone structure, the concerns with dentures often entail unnecessary movement within the mouth, causing them to slip or click when one speaks or consumes food.

It is important to recognize, that you are not without options when it comes to restoring your oral health. Implant supported dentures can assist you in handling the concerns of excessive tooth and bone loss. Using this treatment method, Dr. Lindsey Eastman places a series of dental implants in your upper and lower dental bridges, providing a set of dentures, which is affixed. These dentures perform in the same way as that of standard dental implants, allowing you to resume consumption of the same foods that were eaten prior to losing your teeth. Additionally, they offer many advantages over traditional dentures, including:

  • The potential for better and more effective dental hygiene
  • Decreased chances of speech being affected
  • Improved overall aesthetics

If jaw bone deterioration has left you unable to restore your smile through dental implants, there is no need for concern; Dr. Eastman can still assist, thanks to implant supported dentures. These remarkable implants will allow you to enjoy a normal life once again, completely free of the concerns that come with traditional dentures. To schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Eastman, call (941) 792-3899 in the Bradenton office or (941) 351-3000 in the Lakewood Ranch office.


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