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At Eastman Craighead Periodontics, we recognize the apprehension many individuals feel about dental visits, so we prioritize patient comfort and offer a range of sedation dentistry options. Our practice stands out for having registered nurses available to monitor you during treatment and administer sedation, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. For more complex procedures requiring general anesthesia or other sedation dentistry, you can be treated at the Manatee Surgical Center.

Led by Dr. Lindsay Eastman and Dr. Christie, our team is dedicated to addressing your concerns with compassion and utilizing minimally invasive dental technology to enhance comfort and efficiency. No matter the level of sedation dentistry needed, our tailored approach aims to provide a relaxed environment and streamline your treatment for optimal oral health outcomes.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

Safe and Comfortable Sedation Dentistry Options

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” is a safe and colorless gas used to help patients relax and reduce anxiety during dental procedures. This form of sedation dentistry is administered through a small nose mask, allowing for precise control of the level of sedation.

Nitrous oxide gives patients a sense of euphoria and calmness, often inducing laughter. After treatment, you will receive pure oxygen for a short duration to clear the remaining nitrous oxide from your system, and you can generally drive yourself home due to minimal to no lingering side effects.

Oral sedation, often paired with nitrous oxide, involves taking a prescribed sedative pill about an hour before your dental appointment to induce relaxation. Although patients typically stay awake, they experience a deep sense of calm, with some potentially drifting off during the procedure. The effects can last up to 24 hours, necessitating transportation home, and patients often have minimal recollection of the treatment afterward.

IV sedation, administered intravenously, delivers a powerful sedative directly into the bloodstream to induce a state of deep relaxation and sometimes unconsciousness. This method allows for precise control of the sedative’s dosage, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the procedure.

IV sedation is commonly used in more complex dental procedures or for patients with severe anxiety. Its effects wear off relatively quickly after the procedure, although patients may feel drowsy for a short period afterwards.

Local anesthetic is a numbing medication administered directly to the treatment area, blocking nerve signals to dull pain sensations during dental procedures. It is typically injected near the site of the dental work, ensuring targeted pain relief.

Local anesthetic allows patients to remain fully conscious and alert during the procedure while minimizing discomfort. Its effects wear off gradually after the procedure, providing relief as soon as the treatment is completed.

Timely Dental Treatment to Safeguard Oral Health

Dental appointments can be daunting, yet timely care is essential to prevent serious oral health issues. Delaying treatment can lead to gum disease, posing systemic health risks, while untreated tooth decay can result in severe infections. At our practice, we offer sedation dentistry to alleviate anxiety and address specific concerns like sensitive gag reflexes, ensuring a more comfortable experience. We assist with insurance claims and offer third-party financing options, prioritizing a hassle-free treatment process. Don’t let oral health worries affect your overall well-being; discover our sedation dentistry options for transformative and health-preserving dental care.

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