A Complete Guide to Understanding Gum Disease

There are a number of conditions that can compromise your oral health, and gum disease is just one of them. Dr. Lindsay Eastman and the rest of us here are ready, willing and more than able to take proper care of your teeth and gums, and part of our commitment to taking proper care of our patients is helping them become more aware of oral diseases.

How It Starts

Simply put, gum disease is triggered by a growth of bacteria. If left unaddressed for long enough, it has the potential to lead to gum recession and tooth loss. Some causes of gum disease include:

  • Family history
  • Changes in hormones
  • Smoking and other bad habits
  • Cancer, HIV and other illnesses that target the immune system
  • Poor oral hygiene habits

How It Presents Itself

One thing to bear in mind with gum disease is that even in its late stages you might not realize you have it. Specific symptoms you’ll want to keep a close out eye for include:

  • Shifts in the way your teeth fit together whenever you bite down
  • Experiencing bleeding gums after you brush your teeth
  • Shifting or loose teeth
  • Tender or inflamed gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Receding gums
  • Gaps between your gums and teeth

If you’ve noticed even one of these symptoms in your mouth lately, you’ll want to visit our Sarasota periodontist to see what’s going on and determine the best course of action.

Treatment Options

If it’s determined you do have gum disease, know that there are several treatment options available to you. One of the most revolutionary is the Pinhole Surgical Technique. This particular technique not only successfully treats gum disease, it’s also minimally invasive and highly effective. Better yet is the fact that you can receive treatment in just a single visit, which isn’t always common when it comes to dental procedures.

Schedule an Appointment

To find out more about gum disease or the Pinhole Surgical Technique, contact our Sarasota periodontists. We’re here to do everything possible to keep your mouth disease-free and your smile brilliant.


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