Avoid Foods That Will Damage Your Teeth This Summer

With today’s technology, we can fix or repair just about any dental situation we encounter. With that in mind, it is still important to protect your mouth from issues such as broken teeth, gum disease, and cavities. Should you need to see a periodontist in Bradenton and Sarasota, FL, our door is always open. We encourage patients to take care of their teeth, which is why we recommend eating these specific foods and drinks with caution this summer:

Corn on the Cob

This summertime favorite can be seen at most barbecues, and it can cause substantial damage to people who have orthodontic structures and weak teeth. Biting into corn on the cob can even loosen or crack sealants and fillings. Experts recommend cutting off the corn to consume it.


Let it melt! It is tempting to reach for a handful of ice to chew on during a hot summer day, but doing so can actually fracture your teeth. Chewing on any hard substance can crack a tooth, which is why it is best to leave the ice in the cup.

Hard and Soft Candies

Just like with ice, chewing on a hard candy can damage a sealant or filling, and even crack your tooth. Both hard and soft candies can leave sugar deposits on the surface of your teeth. Bacteria react with the sugars to form an acid, which deteriorates the enamel on your teeth. If you consume candy, do so in moderation and be sure to brush your teeth afterward.


A popular item at summer festivals, popcorn is often a great, low-calorie snack. However, those tiny kernels can get lodged between your teeth and encourage bacteria to grow inside your mouth. While you do not have to avoid popcorn entirely, you should always floss after eating it.

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