The Top 7 Unique Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry in the past few years, allowing thousands of patients to replace lost and broken teeth with almost perfect replicas. Not all patients, however, are familiar with the surprising benefits of dental implants. Here are the top seven reasons that implants prove to be an ideal choice.

1. Comfort

Implants are an extremely comfortable, dental prosthetic device. During the healing process, after the surgery, the titanium roots of the implants can fuse directly to your bone, allowing them to integrate within the mouth. After a few weeks you may not be able to easily distinguish them among your natural teeth.

2. Ease

Dental implants also assist in supporting better oral health. Caring for implants is easy; just treat them with proper oral hygiene, in the same manner as your surrounding teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly can help maintain the ideal condition of your dental implants. This reduced maintenance makes it convenient to achieve proper oral hygiene.

3. Durability

If you take appropriate care of them, implants will retain longevity. Many implants can last for several decades or an entire lifetime, due to the durability and strength, allowing them to become an excellent long-term investment.

4. Aesthetics

Dental implants can assist in improving your appearance as well. Not only are missing or fractured teeth unappealing, the potential to create an aged appearance, in the composition of the facial features is inevitable, due to the deterioration of the jawbone structure. Implants help prevent this concern and allow you to grin with confidence. If you want to take advantage of National Self-Improvement Month, then September is a great time to consider dental implants to improve your smile.

5. Speech

Normal speech relies heavily on the placement of the teeth, especially for sounds like “F” or “TH”. Missing teeth means that creating these essential sounds becomes more difficult—but with dental implants, you can speak with ease.

6. Eating

Of course, the main reason that we have teeth is for chewing! Dental implants provide the same functionality as natural teeth, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without concern.

7. Success

Finally, dental implants have the highest success rate of any implant surgery, providing a great option for millions of people. If you’re interested in dental implants in Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton, FL, call 866-910-0629 to set up an appointment with Dr. Eastman.


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