What to Do if Your Medicine is Affecting Your Teeth

Many people are finding out that commonly prescribed medicines can sometimes affect their oral health. When you suffer from a chronic condition or disease, it is frustrating when you get additional discomfort from the medicine’s side effects. Seeing a periodontist like Dr. Lindsay B. Eastman may help you get these annoying side effects under control. That way, if you are looking for ways to treat dry mouth in Bradenton, FL, or other symptoms, you can finally get some solutions.

Your Gums

One subtle side effect of some common medications is when your gums feel sensitive. You may notice it more during a dental visit. You may also experience heavier or prolonged bleeding with some medications in your system. It is important to let your dental provider know about any conditions you may be suffering from, so we can adjust your treatment and find some relief for this uncomfortable side effect.

Your Taste

Another undesirable side effect that comes along with a few different types of medications is when a bad taste is constantly in your mouth. Foods that you used to love may start to taste strange or terrible. If you suddenly notice unusual tastes in your mouth, it may be related to the medication.

Your Mouth

Dry mouth is another symptom that many patients experience. Some patients never realize that the dry mouth comes from a medication. Even some common over the counter drugs are responsible for a constant dry mouth. Talking to your dental care provider about your dry mouth may be a way for you to figure out what the problem is. There are also several different treatment options that can help reverse this irritating problem.

If you are worried about the possible side effects of your medications, give us a call at (941) 351-3000. Dr. Eastman can find out what is going on and help you feel more comfortable again.


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