Dental Implants: Natural-Looking Permanent Tooth Replacement

If you have recently lost teeth, you have probably been advised about the long-term health complications that can come from neglecting to replace it. Depending on how many teeth you lost, you might be presented with options for bridges or even dentures. For most patients, dental implants are also an option, and one that is both more permanent and more versatile than the traditional alternatives.

Benefits of Implants

If you’re wondering why implants have become the go-to recommendation doctors make when patients don’t have a lot of serious health complications, there are a lot of reasons.

• Implants don’t need replacement unless they are damaged

• They simulate the action of a tooth’s natural root

• Strong enough for your favorite foods

Teeth-in-a-Day placement means you get your implants and anchors both in one visit

In the past, there were many conditions that precluded the use of dental implants, but as the procedure has been refined, more and more support procedures have been developed to widen the pool of candidates. As a result, most patients without other health complications can access implants with the right preparatory procedures. If you’re wondering whether you are a candidate, there’s only one way to find out, and that is to talk to the dentist.

Discover More About Dental Implants

If you’re wondering whether your insurance covers the process, you need to consult your benefits specialist and have a talk. For questions about whether your oral health and state of tooth loss qualify you for the procedure, though, you need to have a conversation with Dr. Eastman. That will give you a chance to ask specific questions about your case, so you can get answers that let you decide quickly. Remember, the longer you wait to replace missing teeth, the more permanent changes your smile will undergo.

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