The Holidays Are Almost Here, Get Dental Implants and Show off Your New Smile to the Family!

It’s one of the busiest seasons of the year, and the bottom line is you don’t have time to worry about being self-conscious about your teeth. Millions of Americans are missing at least one tooth and are unaware that dental implants are a simple solution to the problem. As you give to your family and friends this holiday season, give a little back to yourself with an investment in a perfect smile.

Durability and Longevity

Many people shy away from dental implants because they are afraid of the upfront costs. Your costs will vary depending on your situation and your exact treatment plan, but the reality is that implants are a solid long-term investment in your physical and mental health. If they are cared for correctly and placed appropriately, you shouldn’t have to replace your implants for decades, if ever. A one-time investment in yourself can give you better self-esteem for years to come.

A Natural Look

Nothing can replace your natural teeth exactly, but implants come as close as possible. If you are only missing one or two teeth, then the new teeth are made to match your remaining natural teeth in color, shape and size. If you are missing all your teeth, dental implants look completely natural. Even better, you never have to worry about your teeth slipping or moving when you are eating or talking in public.

Better Oral Health

It’s hard to care for your teeth and gums when you have open spots from missing teeth. Implants set things straight and allow you to brush and floss easily, keeping your mouth healthier. With daily care and a regular visit to the dentist or periodontist, you can head off gum disease and other health conditions associated with poor oral health.

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