Prevent Failing Dental Implants

One solution to fix missing teeth that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of dental implants. Dental technology has advanced greatly over the last decades to make this option more affordable and more successful than ever before. These implants have a general success rate of over 95 percent, but you want to make sure that you do not fall into that other 5 percent. How can you best protect your dental implants from failure?

Have Them Placed by an Experienced Periodontist

The very first thing to do is to have your implants placed by an experienced periodontist in Bradenton, such as Dr. Lindsay B. Eastman. Research your periodontist carefully and be careful of people who may offer “quick fixes.” Your periodontist should be well-trained in the placement of implants, so if necessary, ask about qualifications.

Establish a Good Routine for Oral Hygiene

If you want your dental implants to last for decades or longer, then you must establish a good daily oral hygiene routine. You need to brush and floss twice a day, and you may wish to invest in a good mouthwash – Dr. Eastman can offer some recommendations. Keeping your teeth clear of harmful bacteria and preventing gum disease will help you get the longest life from your implants.

Although you can still eat your favorite foods with implants, you will still want to be careful of hard foods, such as candy and hard fruits or vegetables. These can damage your real teeth as well as prosthodontics.

Keep Your Follow-Up Appointments and Regular Checkups

You still need to see your periodontist at least twice a year. This allows Dr. Eastman to monitor the state of your teeth and implants and catch any problems early on. This could prevent implant failure further down the road when you would least expect it.

Ask Your Questions Today

Not everyone is the ideal candidate for dental implants, but if you qualify, you can reap the many benefits. To schedule a consultation and get your other questions answered, contact our practice in Bradenton, FL today!


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