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When undergoing a smile reconstruction, dental implants may be the route you decide on. If this is the case, your doctor will assess your full oral cavity, check your remaining teeth and decide on their health, check the soft tissue and bone density. Jaw bone density is a major factor prior to undergoing the implant procedure, because without enough bone, your implants will not remain permanent, resulting in failure.

Bone grafting is an extremely common procedure prior to implants, because when you are suffering from missing teeth for a period of time, your bone density begins to wither. It is important to know that bone grafting is not in existence for just dental implant procedures, although they tend to go hand in hand.

If your doctor recommends the bone grafting procedure, you know your bone density is low, and it will be the best option for oral health in the long run. When you go through bone grafting, your doctor will place other bone in the jaw, which will eventually fuse together with preexisting bone, creating strength. This other bone that is part of the procedure can come from you or donor bone. If you choose to have your own bone placed, your doctor will remove bone from the chin, or potentially other places of the body and use it. If you choose to go through the procedure with donor bone, your doctor will usually use bone from a cadaver to create the structure.

Bone grafting is extremely important to the success and health of the oral cavity and procedures you may need. If you are interested in gaining your perfect and healthy smile with dental implants, bone grafting may be essential to your new smiles permanency.

Schedule a consultation with your dentist for more information or if you have any questions revolving around bone grafting. Your dentist and their team will be able to discuss any details you will need for procedures and health.


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